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Birds on the pier

Birds on the pier

Duke chilling

Duke chilling

Duke.. One of My Favourite Dogs

Duke.. One of My Favourite Dogs

Tha Shiznit #12 by Dj Jim Panse on Mixcloud

Just favorited “Tha Shiznit #12” by DJ Jim Panse on

Tumblr Android 2.0.2 is ready to download on the Android Market! For... →


Tumblr Android 2.0.2 is ready to download on the Android Market!

For those of you on older phones who couldn’t upload photos, that should now be working.

There were also cases where the Reblog screen wouldn’t switch to landscape mode. That’s also now fixed.

We’ve heard a few reports of folks…

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My Leave

Well then I finally got 3 weeks of leave from work and I can say I truely enjoyed every bit of it. Kampala had really changed alot since the last time I was there which was in November last year. Now I’m back to work though not much is going on. It’s very quiet but I guess its because the project is coming to an end. I can’t believe has just flown by that quick. I’ll be glad to be back in Kampala working. It’s been nice being out of the chaos for a while but I’m for sure going to miss this place.

My Love for Dogs

In our small family we love dogs with a passion. I find them the most loyal animals. The most interesting thing about dogs is that they can tell if are down and sad. They come and console you. We have 5 dogs at the moment. 2 dogs that are a cross between a Rhodesian Ridge back and a Boxer, 1 french poddle that is black and 2 that are promerians.


Diva & Rocky





Well,Well Its Amazing..

Well i find so amazing that its already the wednesday. I don’t know if its me or is it that time flies.. i have had an okay wedenesday not so busy but looking forward to another weekend around the corner. I’m also looking forward to watching Generation Kill 2nite..

Quiet Monday

Well i have had a quiet weekend and a quiet monday as well. Its been hot today but now it has cooled down..